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Introducing Brooklyn Park Chiropractor Dr. Russ Derhak

I’m Dr. Russ Derhak, and I started this office in 2006. Let me tell you a little more about myself. I married my best friend Anna and have been graced with three awesome kids: Isabelle, Genevieve, and Lucas. You’ll often see them running around the office and they love to get adjusted. In fact, all of my kids have been adjusted since the day they were born. This is one of the most important concepts in the office: healthier families.

Brooklyn Park Chiropractor, Dr. Russ Derhak, with his family.
Brooklyn Park Chiropractor, Dr. Russ Derhak, with his family.
During your time here you will notice many different multigenerational families that come in together to stay healthy from birth to the end of life. This is the other aspect of our philosophy that may be unfamiliar to you, not waiting for your body to break down before taking steps to be healthier. Prevention is possible!

As a spiritual person, I am in awe of the power inside our body not only to run itself, but to heal itself without help, sometimes from seemingly impossible conditions. Science is catching up with this belief and now knows that this “Innate Intelligence” is what makes life and health possible. This is where my vision comes from, people willing and able to express this intelligence to the fullest whether sick or well to create for themselves the life of their dreams. No more saying, “that’s just the way it is.”

Congratulations for taking responsibility for yourself and experiencing that healthier people do create a healthier world with regular family chiropractic care. It’s an honor and privilege to meet you. The faith and confidence you’ve given by entrusting me with one of your greatest gifts, the health of your family, is truly inspiring. I won’t let you down.

What is the Health Awareness Seminar and who would benefit from attending?

The Health Awareness Seminar is one of the most important aspects of care in our office. It’s crucial for all practice members and people interested in becoming members attend once before or within the first few weeks of care. This occurs at the office during two Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8pm and often one Saturday at 10am during each month. It’s during this time where you’ll learn that there are choices in health care that aren’t only reactive, but proactive so you can take charge of your life.

Our Health Awareness Seminar is not just another lecture. It’s one of the most amazing experiences that you’ll ever have. You’ll feel drawn in. You’ll laugh, cry and leave feeling more empowered than you ever have before. We often hear afterwards, “I’ve never heard that before. Why didn’t someone tell me this sooner?”

This is your opportunity to help someone that’s having a health concern, a sick child, a broken relationship, an aging parent, or maybe they feel healthy and want to be healthier. Invite someone with you that is open to new concepts. Who is striving to get the most out of life, sick or well. Whether you are new to chiropractic or have participated throughout your life, join us for the discovery of what true health actually is and how you and your family can succeed no matter where you are starting from.


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