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Meet the Inner Light Chiropractic Team

Anna Derhak

Anna DerhakHi, I am Anna Derhak and I am the Office Manager for Dr. Russ.

As a mother of 3 children, I cannot express how important chiropractic care is to keeping everyone healthy (including myself).  My two daughters and my very active son have never suffered any major infections or illnesses and all of them have been adjusted since birth.

The main reason for adjusting them from birth is because I understand the impact of how the nervous system works (it controls everything in the body) and without regular chiropractic adjustments, this complex system of nerves starts to deteriorate from different stresses in the environment. This stress can cause breakdown of all the different tissues in the body (from the pancreas to the heart).

I am a Licensed Nutritionist with a Master’s in Nutrition and have a passion for what whole foods can do for the body as well.  It is so important to not only keep your whole body healthy by exercise and regular adjustments, but also by what you put into it!


Cory Emil

Cory EmilHi, My name is Cory Emil. I am a retired educator and coach. My favorite role is that of wife, mother, and nana.

I began at Inner Light Chiropractic as a patient. I came in because I hurt my back, doing an activity that I love, karate. I also had a backpacking trip planned with a friend and was hoping to still be able to go. (Funny to say this because I could hardly walk.) As a side note, I have Lupus and a couple of other autoimmune diseases. I have always tried to stay active but with a compromised immune system this was always a challenge.

Since coming to Inner Light Chiropractic, I am pain free! Thank You, Dr. Russ and Anna. I have noticed significant improvement in my balance, strength, and to my complete surprise my immune system is dramatically improved!

Right away I realized what a positive environment Dr. Russ and his wife, Anna provide for their patients. They truly care for every patient! Luckily for me they were looking for a chiropractic assistant and hired me for the job. I am so happy to be a part of this Amazing team!

P.S. I just earned my Black Belt. Not too bad for this old lady.


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