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Here are some testimonials from real patients of Dr. Russ:


Stephanie Blanchard

Stephanie Blanchard - Chiropractic AssistantHi, my name is Stephanie Blanchard and my first visit to this office was in 2006.  When I was one, I was in a car accident and was unaware of the damage done to my neck until many years later.  Since coming in, I have had fewer headaches which used to be my biggest symptom and I am overall healthier.

I currently attend the University of Minnesota Duluth and having been gone for the majority of the year, it made me more aware of what chiropractic has done for me.  Even though I was not getting regularly adjusted, my body was functioning at a high level and in the midst of my roommate and friends getting sick, my body was prepared to fight and I suffered no illnesses!


Penny Mattson

Penny Mattson - Chiropractic AssistantMy name is Penny Mattson and I first was a patient in 2008.

I had a spinal fusion to correct a curvature of the spine in 1968. I have lived with chronic back pain most of my life. I was referred by a friend to see Dr. Derhak. I was due for another spinal cortisone shot, but thought I would try the consultation offered to me. I retired in 2007 after 40 years working in healthcare, so I was educated on the working of the spinal nervous system. I decided I needed to go through the intensive care visits and then progress to wellness care.

Since starting chiropractic, I haven't needed spinal cortisone shots nor have I needed the daily pain pills I had taken for years.


Breanne Davis

Breanne DavisHi everyone!  My name is Breanne Davis and I was new to chiropractic.

Chiropractic care is something I never thought about until I attended one of Dr. Russ’s seminars.  After seeing the slides, videos, pictures, and stories, I knew chiropractic was something I had to do. In a short time since receiving chiropractic care, my skin has cleared up drastically.  Pains from high school cheerleading injuries have started to heal up and I am feeling much better.


Chiropractic Family Testimonial

Testimonial from Heather from Inner Light Chiropractic about the benefits of Chiropractic care for the family. It's helped her kids to be healthier and happier and given her more patience. She also noticed potty training went better, digestion was better, and her son healed from a lung infection faster.



Chiropractic Care for Back Pains

Joel has been suffering from back pain after years in the military. Fortunately, he has made the right choice in choosing Inner Light's chiropractic care to help reduce the pain. He is now feeling much better and can move around more.

Chiropractic Pain Relief

A headache, stiff neck and back pain are just some of the things that used to prevent Jordan from living a full life. After months of chiropractic care, he is now pain free and has more energy.

Regular Chiropractic Care Importance

Steve was inspired on how chiropractic care has done wonders for her wife's back pain relief. He now visits Inner Light Chiropractic regularly to always keep his health on check.

Chiropractic Care for Good Health

As a regular chiropractic patient of 6 years, Chuck has an amazing story to share with us on how chiropractic care has helped maintain his health for the past years.

Sickness Free for Several Years

Todd has been visiting Inner Light for several years now and he is proud to say that ever since then, he and his family now lives a healthier life.

Scoliosis Pain Relief

Like many Americans, Penny has scoliosis and had to go through a lot of medication to reduce her chronic back pain. After regularly visiting Dr. Russ at Inner Light Chiropractic, she no longer has any need for medication and feels more free as a person.

Headache and Back Pain Solution

Colleen has been visiting Dr. Russ and Inner Light Chiropractic for 2 years now. She first complained about her headache and back pain but since then, most of her pain is gone and she has been able to enjoy the things she loves doing.

PROactive Healthcare - Testimony

Wanting to PREVENT future health issues it starts with proactive chiropractic care. Inner Light Chiropractic

Diabetic Neuropathy Cure

Craig has been a diabetic for more than 40 years. During the course of the years he has developed complications such as neuropathy. But thanks to Inner Light's chiropractic care, the numbness has now been reduced and he is starting to get back on his feet.

Back Pain Solution

As a child, Bill was told that he would always have back pain. Now after regularly visitng Doctor Russ, he has been relieved of the pain.

Cure Lower Back Problems

Bob has been visiting Dr. Russ, a chiropractor for 5 years now. He always had lower back pain but after visiting regularly, he is now able to continue doing physical work.

Krista's Testimonial

Krista lived with a numbness in her hands for years, it was only after her sessions at Inner Light where she felt a world of difference.


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