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Neuro-Developmental Disorders

There are certain health conditions we especially enjoy helping. It is very gratifying to see results after traditional methods are unsuccessful. For us, our most rewarding cases involve Neuro-Developmental Disorders like:

Our doctors have extensive training and education in these areas, and thus can provide the highest quality of neurologically-based chiropractic care and nutritional testing and guidance.

By having multiple forms of care in one Crystal Lake chiropractic office, we not only enhance the results of each individual component, but also have incredible communication between providers. In addition, it makes scheduling and billing so much easier for the parents of these children who are already very busy and stressed.

Excessive Stress/Anxiety

We understand the pressures of a busy life, and thus can really empathize with patients who are dealing with excessive stress and anxiety. We focus on helping these patients in two ways.

First, we improve their ability to adapt to stress by improving the function and balance of their central nervous system, which governs and manages stress for us. Second, we use wellness education and empowerment to teach these patients how they can lower and lessens the stressors in their life through improved lifestyles.

Infertility and Pregnancy-Related Care

Women who are struggling to get pregnant go through a terrible amount of stress and anxiety during this process. What is more, if they turn to Western Medicine for help they are often subjected to enormous amounts of medication and related side effects that leave them miserable and sick.

By lessening the stress on the spine and nervous system, we can often improve a woman’s overall function and balance, allowing them to finally get pregnant completely naturally. It is the central nervous system that controls all hormonal function, so by first balancing the nervous system, we can often balance hormones naturally and easily. Nothing beats the joy of hearing the words “I’M PREGNANT!”

Child Adjustment


Being a parent of young children, hearing them cry for 2 seconds is enough to break my heart. I cannot imagine being the parent of an infant who cries for hours and hours and is inconsolable.

Thankfully, chiropractic adjustments are extremely effective in helping with colic and fussiness. Many times the colic is caused by an upper neck injury from birth trauma, and the sooner it is adjusted and corrected, the sooner the child can calm down, relax, and sleep. The impact this has on the family, and that child’s future, is immeasurable.

Ear Infections

The number of children who suffer needless ear infections is jaw-dropping. Equally amazing is that pediatricians continue to treat them with antibiotics over and over again despite enormous amounts of research showing this approach is of no benefit, and can even be dangerous. Once the antibiotics fail again and again, these kids are then referred out for surgery to drill holes in their ears and insert tubes. In my professional opinion, this is as barbaric and antiquated as they come.

Chiropractic helps tremendously by correcting the upper neck misalignment that is usually the cause. This helps the Eustachian tubes to properly drain, keeping infections from taking hold, and also boosts the function of the immune system. We also help the family make some simple nutritional changes that help enormously.

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